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Bryan Gonzales

Bryan Gonzales is the Human Resource Director for Digicel, Haiti’s largest telecommunications company. With a background in, General Operations, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Risk Management & Business Continuity, and a founding member of several startups, Bryan has spent the past 20 years working with industries to; recognize and promote a culture of openness, innovation, and quality, while maintaining the focus on people. Bryan has also served as a mentor thought various programs such as the Digicel Women in Leadership series (a Pan-Caribbean initiative) and to the board of The Hillel Academy Technology Advisory Committee. He is currently the Vice-President of The American Chamber of Commerce-Haiti (AMCHAM), and has held previous roles with; The Association of Haitian Industries (ADIH) and the Alliance for Risk Management and Business Continuity (AGERCA). Over the years his passion for learning, has translated into a deep appreciation of multidisciplinary collaborative efforts while recognizing the cultural nuances that make us each unique and ensuring that we maintain, at the center of everything we do, our humanity.