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Nathalie Marc-Charles

Nathalie is an experienced Human Resource leader, Career Coach and a professional in theorganizational psychology & development field. For over 15 years, Nathalie worked for some majorplayers like MTV & AIG focusing on general HR work, coaching andrecruitment. Since 2014,Nathalie has been using her HR and Coaching experience to coach over 300 clients worldwide in career success and strategy. Nathalie received her undergraduate degree in Management from St.John’s University and then went on to attend Columbia University’s Teachers College where shestudied Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Adult Learning & Leadership. In June of2018, Nathalie became a certified Birkman Consultant. In addition to her professional work, Nathalie is actively involved on the Board of Directors of SOIL,an award-winning company working to transform waste into resources in Haiti. She is also the Port-au-Prince Ambassador of the SHEBUILDS Global Initiative, which is a community platform that exists to empower and connect Haitian women around the world.