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Ellie Happel

Ellie Happel is an attorney with the Global Justice Clinic at NYU School of Law, where she co-directs the Clinic’s work on human rights and climate justice in Haiti. Ellie also co-teaches the Global Justice Clinic seminar. Ellie lived in Haiti from the fall of 2011 through 2017, first working to defend people facing forced eviction in the internally displaced people (IDP) camps of post-earthquake Port-au-Prince, and then–and still–in solidarity with social movement organizations opposed to gold mining in Haiti. Since becoming based at NYU Law in 2017, Ellie has authored a report arguing for an extension of Temporary Protected Status for Haiti and served as an expert witness in the Saget v. Trump case in the Eastern District of New York.  Ellie is a 2011 graduate of NYU School of Law where she was a Root Tilden Kern Scholar.