Update from Haiti: April 2024



Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask about the safety of SOIL's staff in Haiti. Despite the current situation in Port au Prince and ongoing instability around the country, our team members remain safe in Cap-Haitien as we continue to navigate the current challenges. Though our hearts are heavy as we watch events unfold around us, there isn’t a day when we haven’t been deeply moved by the courage and commitment of SOIL’s staff, who have worked around the clock to ensure that our lifesaving sanitation service stays operational, and we continue to provide critical support to more than 2,800 households (nearly 17,000 people), despite the state of emergency declared for the country.

Haiti is a place where far too many people lack financial resources and where inflation has continued to spiral out of control, making it even more difficult for vulnerable families across the nation to afford basic essentials. In the midst of a wide-ranging scarcity of goods, SOIL remains steadfast in our dedication to protecting the families we serve from the negative consequences of living without safely managed sanitation. 

To that end, our team is working every day, and on the weekends, to expand our EkoLakay service, pushing into some of the most vulnerable and at-risk communities in Cap-Haitien where they have, against all odds, installed toilets in 139 new households since the beginning of March.

With the major ports closed, Haiti is once again facing a country-wide fuel shortage, a crisis that could very well begin to hamper SOIL’s activities in the coming weeks. Lines at gas stations wind through intersections as people wait for hours, often without success, to fill their tanks with what is now exorbitantly expensive gas. The same gas that is used to get people to school and work is also the fuel that we rely on to operate our collection runs and transport waste-filled containers to our composting site. 

Ensuring basic service provision during periods of crisis is more critical than ever. Every day that we are able to provide our service to our customers, particularly when so much around them is uncertain, lives are improved and community health is protected. If you can, we ask you to please make a donation now so that our critical work can continue in the face of rising gas prices.

Sanitation is a human right, and it’s one we will keep fighting for regardless of what the weeks ahead hold. Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to ensure our doors stay open and we are able to remain a constant for the people of Haiti during this extraordinarily difficult and uncertain time. We are immensely grateful for your support and kindness.


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