Building on Success: SOIL's Ongoing Collaboration with Global Water Intelligence



This week, Global Water Intelligence (GWI) hosted their annual Global Water Summit, convening stakeholders from around the world who gathered to explore innovations and address key challenges to achieving water security for the planet. SOIL is excited to have partnered with GWI again - for the third year - to offset carbon emissions from attendees' travel to the 2024 conference that was held in London.

By supporting SOIL's EkoLakay sanitation solution, GWI aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the event while also enhancing SOIL’s work to expand access to essential services in Haiti. This innovative partnership, outside the formal carbon market, offers financing opportunities for smaller organizations like SOIL.

GWS Plenary Panel

In November 2022, GWI released a detailed report called "Mapping Water's Carbon Footprint," identifying the different greenhouse gas emission hotspots within the water cycle and exploring solutions to help utilities reach net zero goals. The report highlights the issues that stem from sanitation and wastewater systems that are inadequately managed. Around the same time, GWI published a blog post featuring SOIL titled "The Fragrant CO2 Solution: Haitian Fecal Sludge." The post explains why GWI decided to work directly with SOIL outside the usual carbon market. Recognizing that poorly managed fecal sludge is a major cause of high carbon emissions in the water sector, GWI made the decision to support SOIL's efforts to tackle this issue in Haiti and amplify its impact by partnering with us directly.

For further insights into GWI's initiatives and details regarding their annual water summits, please visit their website.

Watch the video below to learn more about this innovative and important partnership:

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