SOIL Haiti 3 November 2023

Legacy Giving: The Elizabeth C. Hunter Estate

Sitadel MobT


SOIL is immensely grateful for every single donation that we receive. Financial support from our friends and partners truly is the cornerstone of our continued operational success and helps us to ensure safe, dignified sanitation for families in Cap-Haitien – which is why we were so honored when we learned that one of our longtime donors and champions of SOIL’s work, Elizabeth C. Hunter, decided to ‘make a difference’ in her will and designated SOIL as one of her major beneficiaries.

SOIL had the chance to speak with Mary Lynn White, Elizabeth’s friend and the executor of her will, who shared some details about her full and varied life. Mary Lynn told us that, despite living a very frugal life herself, Elizabeth's philanthropic interests and actions were generous and far ranging. She was involved with many charities, especially ones whose work involved the natural world, and was particularly interested in botanical gardens, land trusts, and monarch butterflies – which she raised in her own home. 

According to Mary Lynn, Elizabeth had a “profound interest” in SOIL’s work because it provides both a humanitarian and environmentally sound solution to the pressing issue of safe sanitation access in Haiti. As someone well versed in global history and politics, Elizabeth felt strongly that “Haiti had gotten one raw deal after another” and wanted to make a significant bequest to SOIL for working to improve living conditions for Haitians in a sustainable way. 

We are deeply grateful to Elizabeth for her impactful gift to SOIL that will go a long way in helping us expand our service and reach even more families with life saving sanitation. We also want to thank Mary Lynn for taking the time to share some of Elizabeth’s story with us. 

Supporting SOIL through a legacy gift is a concrete expression of a commitment to the people of Haiti and creates a lasting legacy of kindness and generosity. Planned future donations to SOIL, as part of larger estate planning processes, ensures that we can continue the important work of providing safe sanitation to families in Cap-Haitien.

Every legacy gift, regardless of the amount, is treasured. By making a legacy gift yourself, you can create a strong future for SOIL and the expansion of our innovative sanitation solution. Legacy giving also facilitates the tax implications that come with the transfer of estates and provides an opportunity for donors to make a larger gift while still providing for loved ones.

For more information on leaving your own legacy at SOIL, please contact our development team at [email protected].

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