SOIL Haiti 19 September 2023

Capacity Building Training for SOIL's Sales Team

SOIL and Whitten & Roy

The SOIL sales team in training with a consultant from Whitten & Roy Partnership

SOIL is at the threshold of an exciting and hopeful moment as we prepare to significantly scale up our services in the coming months. As we do so, we are serious about maintaining a sustainable business model for household sanitation and recognize that in order to do so we must work to build on the skills, instincts, abilities and processes of our team. Focusing on developing the core assets of our team will allow us to become even more effective and efficient so that we can continue to increase our impact and streamline our operating costs. 

To ensure we are effectively building that capacity within our team, we have partnered with a consultancy firm, Whitten & Roy Partnership, to provide a series of training sessions for our sales team. Led by consultant Pie-Pacifique Kabalira-Uwase and supported by EkoLakay managers Beverly Pierre and Keurlit Charles our agents, coordinators and associates are working to address the following strategic objectives:

  • Increasing enrollment in the EkoLakay service
  • Improving customer retention
  • Strengthening team morale and collaboration 

Whitten & Roy utilizes an approach they call RACE (Results = Attitude + Competence + Effort) to diagnose the areas where an organization or team might be struggling and then create a plan for improving performance and outcomes.  

SOIL Sales Team
Members of SOIL's sales team 

Through this training, EkoLakay staff members will work to define their roles and responsibilities more clearly, learn to recognize and utilize the best language and attitude to present in order to engage potential customers, and more empathetically listen to and understand customers in a variety of scenarios. As the team uncovers the most effective way to communicate with potential clients, they will be able to maximize the value of their interactions and navigate the sometimes trickier conversations and be better equipped to handle hesitation and indecision in a customer-empowering way. 

Our hope is that investing in trainings like these will help to support our dedicated team in doing their work with confidence and ending their days feeling pride and satisfaction with a job well done. Foundational capacity building projects like this will help SOIL strengthen its ability to deliver on our mission over time, and further enhance our ability to have a positive impact on the lives and communities that we serve in Haiti. 

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