SOIL and Dr. Sasha Kramer Featured by Cartier Philanthropy

SOIL X Cartier Philanthropy

photo credit: SOIL/Tony Marcelli

SOIL's Executive Director, Dr. Sasha Kramer, was honored to recently speak with our long-time partner Cartier Philanthropy, alongside other development non-profit organizations, about finding ways to function and often flourish successfully, despite operating in countries facing arduous, persistently unstable conditions.  Cartier Philanthropy featured the conversation in an article on their website. In the article, Sasha describes the challenges our team members in Cap-Haïtien face, and she explains that one of the keys to SOIL’s ability to carry on despite the current political and economic challenges in Haiti is due to our invaluable team of Haitian staff members, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade and are truly committed to the work that we do.  We are grateful for the continued support of Cartier Philanthropy as we work to provide safe, affordable, and dignified sanitation that is accessible to all. You can read the full article here.

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