SOIL Featured in PBS Series Human: The World Within

SOIL composting staff

SOIL composting staff

We have exciting news to share! SOIL’s innovative sanitation solution was just featured in the new PBS series, HUMAN: The World Within. The six-part series is an unprecedented expedition into the vast universe inside of us all. The episode spotlighting SOIL’s work in Haiti is titled FUEL and recently aired on May 12th. This particular episode explores the human gut and its various functions through diverse examples including an ultra-marathon runner, a religious faster, a young girl suffering from allergies, and SOIL’s waste-to-resource sanitation approach.


Image from the 2021 PBS Series - Human: The World Within

In addition to discussing the complexities of our internal environment, the episode touches on issues pertaining to our external environment as well. Particularly, on how soil degradation, caused by deforestation and pesticides, has reverberating impacts on ecosystems that can breed disease in the environment, similar to the way unhealthy practices breed disease in the human body. The episode highlights how certain farming techniques, such as using chemical fertilizer, disrupt the natural balance of microbes in the soil which destroys both ecosystems and livelihoods. Luckily, just like in the body, we can restore this damage. SOIL is providing a model on how to do that in Haiti!

You don’t want to miss this fascinating series! Check out the full episode on FUEL here.  

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