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SOIL featured in Expo 2020 Dubai Global Best Practice Programme | Untold Stories

Expo 2020

In 2019 SOIL was awarded the Innovation Impact Grant by Expo Live, an innovation and partnership program launched by Expo 2020 Dubai, for our sustainable social enterprise solution to sanitation in Haiti. The goal of this grant is to provide support to help grow social enterprises and projects and promote creative solutions to that improve lives while preserving our planet. As part of this incredible effort put forth by Expo 2020 Dubai to highlight and showcase the over 200 organizations participating in the Expo, SOIL was also chosen to be featured in their Global Best Practice Programme, Untold Stories.

The Global Best Practice Programme is a dedicated exhibition at Expo that highlights tangible solutions that can be adapted, replicated or scaled for enhanced global impact. SOIL is thrilled to be chosen to participate in this program to share our experience working to provide localized, sustainable services to our communities in Haiti. At our core, SOIL believes that the work we do to provide access to sanitation is an essential component to achieving human rights and sustainable development goals. We welcome the opportunity to share our model in a collaborative space like Expo 2020 Dubai and to participate in a global knowledge sharing experience that seeks to encourage positive change and promote opportunities for global replication.

According to Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau and Chair of the UAE National Committee on Sustainable Development Goals, Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, “These selected projects are already having a real, positive impact on people’s lives, at a time when millions face significant challenges in their lives. With its own area to showcase at Expo 2020, our expanded Global Best Practice Programme is a testament to our continued commitment to projects that the world needs now.”

SOIL is looking forward to participating in this incredible global opportunity next year, and we are appreciative of our exceptionally supportive partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai. You can view the Global Best Practice Programme, Untold Stories announcement video below.

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