SOIL Chosen as Editors' Pick in the Food Planet Prize

photo credit: Bijay Rai

We have exciting news. SOIL’s team has been chosen as Editors’ Pick in The Curt Bergfor’s Food Planet Prize! SOIL has been recognized for its particular achievements in the category of Land Use and Agriculture for our innovative circular economy sanitation solution which promotes climate resiliency, protects ecosystems, restores soil fertility, and ultimately: nurtures sustainable food production.

SOIL’s solution tackles two of the world’s most pressing problems: lack of access to safe sanitation and decreasing agricultural production in large part due to soil degradation, intensive agricultural practices, and erosion. In providing in-home sanitation services to families in some of Haiti’s most vulnerable urban communities, SOIL is helping to prevent the spread of waterborne disease while producing nearly 100 tons of nutrient-packed compost each year. SOIL’s agricultural-grade compost has been proven to yield 15 times the harvest as farmland lacking fertilization and 3 times that of land that has been treated with synthetic fertilizers, increasing rural incomes and helping to protect against malnutrition and hunger. While we work to respond to an urgent need for sanitation access and local food production in Haiti, SOIL is dedicated to developing open-source solutions to support communities around the world in replicating similar climate-positive services in their local context.

About the Food Planet Prize

The Curt Bergfor's Food Planet Prize aims to identify, showcase, and reward important initiatives to re-invent the food chain and help establish a sustainable food system within planetary boundaries.  SOIL’s work was selected for the special theme on Land-Use and Agriculture. The Food Planet Prize in this category aims to highlight initiatives, projects, and ideas on how to manage the food system’s main asset: land.

[caption id="attachment_19111" align="aligncenter" width="632"] SOIL’s work in Haiti uses a model that exceeds standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to safely turn human waste into nutrient-rich compost for agricultural and reforestation initiatives.[/caption]

SOIL’s team in Haiti works tirelessly to expand access to a sanitation service that transforms a public health crisis into a solution for restored soil health, positive economic development, and increased food security. As we re-double our efforts in the face of growing challenges, receiving this recognition from The Curt Bergfor Foundation’s Food Planet Prize Foundation is a tremendous honor. Thank you!

We are pleased to share the highlight for the Editor’s Choice award here: Editors' Picks: Land Use and Agriculture

To see the full list of awards and recognitions that SOIL has received, follow this link.

Support SOIL

SOIL depends on individual donations from people like you to fund our lifesaving, earth-restoring sanitation services in Haiti. Please consider supporting SOIL today.

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