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SOIL client, Augulia Cemeran at 2020 World Toilet Day event.

Client Story: Meet Augulia Cemeran

SOIL client, Augulia Cemeran at 2020 World Toilet Day event. If you’re one of the 3.3 million people living in urban Haiti who does not have a toilet, you have very few options available to you. Haitian cities, like many rapidly growing urban areas globally , have no sewer system. Flush toilets are....

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photo courtesy of Vic Hinterlang

Sanitation is a Human Right

photo courtesy of Vic Hinterlang Every December 10th we celebrate Human Rights Day, to acknowledge and raise awareness for the ongoing struggle to achieve the universal and inalienable rights we are all entitled to. As an organization that is motivated by a mission to increase access to sanitation....

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photo courtesy of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Celebrate World Soil Day!

photo courtesy of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Agriculture is Haiti’s main industry and makes up over 60% of the workforce nationwide. However, food production can be quite challenging for many farmers in Haiti due to heavily degraded soils as a result of exploitative....

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2x the Impact on Giving Tuesday

Every day SOIL’s team is fighting to provide access to lifesaving sanitation services that defend against disease, nurture local economies, and help combat malnutrition. In the face of a persistent political crisis in Haiti, the need for holistic and durable community-based solutions is more urgent....

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UN Environment Programme

A Vision for the Future: The Circular Economy Model

In 2006, SOIL began working to provide safe, dignified access to in-home sanitation in Haiti, through our EkoLakay toilet service. Since then, the situation in Haiti, and the world at large, has become increasingly complicated. The dread of climate change has become an indisputable reality....

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2020 Annual Report cover

SOIL's 2020 Annual Report

We are very excited to share with you our Annual Report for the 2019-2020 year. It has been an unprecedented year of challenges, innovation and progress toward providing essential sanitation services in Haiti. We are grateful for all of the incredible support we have received this year and hope you....

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World Toilet Day graphic

Celebrate World Toilet Day!

Since 2006, SOIL has been working to provide safe, dignified access to in-home sanitation through our EkoLakay toilet service . Our community-driven regenerative and ecological sanitation solution was designed (and continues to adapt) to improve public health, quality of life, and the environment -....

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Photo credit Vic Hinterlang

SOIL featured as one of UN-Habitat’s Urban Best Practices

Photo credit Vic Hinterlang SOIL is committed to providing a sanitation solution that addresses the critical need for access to in-home toilets and safely managed waste treatment in densely populated urban areas. SOIL’s regenerative sanitation solution seeks to not only offer better sanitation....

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photo credit: Felipe Jacome

Research Collaboration Has Increased Efficiency of EkoLakay Collection

photo credit: Felipe Jacome The SOIL team is continually researching and testing new ways to increase our operational efficiency in order to provide better sanitation solutions and position our service for sustained growth. In April we began implementing a new routing app that optimizes the....

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Increasing climate resilience: how Konpòs Lakay helps agriculture producers during drought

Haiti is currently ranked third in the Global Climate Risk Index as being particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Climate change impacts Haiti in a number of ways: increases in the intensity and frequency of hurricanes, flooding, landslides due to soil erosion, and also drought....

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