SOIL Wins Lush Spring Prize for Regenerative Sanitation Solution

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We’ve got big news. SOIL has won the 2018 Lush Spring Prize in recognition for the work we do in Haiti to build socially and environmentally regenerative solutions to the sanitation crisis.

In 2006, SOIL was founded on a spark of inspiration - the idea that there is incredible power in some of the earth's most simple and fundamental processes, such the cycling and recycling of nutrients and elements like carbon and nitrogen; power that can be tapped to heal planet and people simultaneously. In the twelve years since that spark, SOIL has evolved into an enduring example of how, by letting ecological cycles lead, we can create systemic change for some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

About the Prize The Lush Spring Prize recognizes organizations that are working to revive damaged social and natural environments and that demonstrate a commitment to sharing what they are doing to inspire and inform others.  SOIL was selected for the Lush Spring Prize in the Established Projects category – a category that honors established community groups, organizations, networks, and businesses that demonstrate successful and inspirational work for more than five years.  

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Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) from Lush Spring Prize on Vimeo.

About SOIL

At SOIL, regeneration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that waste can be transformed to restore and revitalize, instead of perpetuating disease and degradation. With nature as our inspiration, we are developing a circular sanitation economy that is simultaneously restoring the environment to its life-giving potential and promoting the regeneration of local economies by creating meaningful livelihood opportunities throughout the sanitation cycle

For a small monthly fee SOIL’s social business, EkoLakay, provides over 6,500 people with ecological sanitation toilets and waste treatment services. The more than 100 metric of tons of compost that SOIL produces annually, in a process that respects standards set by the World Health Organization is used to support agriculture and reforestation efforts in Haiti, improve carbon sequestration, and reduce the impact of flooding and droughts. SOIL’s initiative is widely recognized as one of the most promising tests of the paradigm-shifting hypothesis that sanitation no longer needs to focus on waste disposal, but rather on the ecologically beneficial transformation and reuse of human waste to support planet health. Although SOIL’s implementation efforts are limited to Haiti, its ultimate goal is to demonstrate on a global level that it is possible to provide access to affordable sanitation solutions that produce resources, restore ecosystems, nurture solidarity, and created livelihood opportunities, all the while building health and resilience.

A Note of Gratitude From Our Team

We are deeply honored to receive the Lush Spring Prize in recognition of the regenerative sanitation system SOIL is building in Haiti. Our teams in Northern Haiti and in the capital, Port-au-Prince, work tirelessly every day to grow our lifesaving sanitation service and though we can see the impact of this work each day in the communities we serve, receiving this recognition from LUSH will energize us all in the struggle to expand life-saving, earth-restoring sanitation access in the years to come. To those of you who have been with us from the beginning and to those who have found us along to way, to those of you who have cheered us on, incubated solutions alongside us, financially-supported our work, and inspired us to think bigger and bolder – a humble and heartfelt thank you from all of us in Haiti. We share this honor with you and know that SOIL would be not be the force it is today without our community of SOIL co-collaborators and fellow dreamers all across the world.


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